Colour Help

You asked and we've listened - this will be a page and info devoted to colours. What's available, what goes well together and how you can lay them out!!
There are endless options available - but we're here to help!
If you want bright rainbow colours - just write 'bright rainbow' colours in the colour selection notes! If you want pastels, write 'pastels'. If you want dusky mauve, dusky pink and pearl....well, you know the drill by now. Just let us know!!
Available colours in 2020 are as below.
Solid, block colours look amazing. Choose any one of these below in most styles!!
1. Dark Peach
2. Pastel Pink
3. Dusky Mauve
4. Rose
5. Plum
6. Storm
7. Butter
8. Mint
9. Seafoam
10. Ice
11. Lavender
12. Dusky Pink
13. Blush Granite
14. Peach
15. Green
16. Emerald
17. Turquoise
18. Sky Blue
19. Teal
20. Wisteria
21. Lilac
22. Apricot
23. Candy
24. Hot Pink
25. Mulberry
26. Red
27. Orange
28. Yellow
29. Warm Grey
30. Speckled Stone
31. Pale Eucalypt
32. Moss
33. Dusky Blue
34. Smoky Quartz
35. Zebra
36. Oatmeal
37. Cream
38. Pale Grey
39. Pearl
40. White Granite
41. White
42. Marble
43. Denim
44. Silver
45. Dim Grey
46. Charcoal
47. Black
48. Spice
49. Mustard
50. Relish
51. Terracotta
52. Tan
53. Rose Gold
54. Espresso
55. Olive
56. Peacock
Recommended Colour Pairings
Sometimes you don't want a solid, block colour.....but it's hard putting colours together - and we totally get that!!
So for times when it's easier just to pick combinations and let us figure out the rest....please see the below colour ways:
DESERT: (from top) Tan, Relish, Mustard, Dark Peach, Peach, Blush granite + Cream
NATURAL RAINBOW: (from top) Blush Granite, Peach, Relish, Tan, Storm, Charcoal + Peacock
SUNSET: (from top) Cream, Dusky Pink, Peach, Dark Peach, Mustard, Dusky Mauve + Storm
EUCALYPTUS FOREST: (from top) White Granite, Pearl, Marble, Warm Grey, Smokey Quartz, Moss + Olive
VINTAGE RAINBOW: (clockwise from top) Blush Granite, Cream, Moss, Seafoam, Dusky Mauve, Rose + Peach
BLUSHING: (clockwise from top) Dusky Mauve, Lavender, Pastel Pink, Peach, Blush Granite, Dusky Pink + Rose
* please note: we will do our best to make sure the colours used are as per the below pics, however due to bead sizes, placements and personalised letter items - we may not be able to use all the colours. Colour use and placement is at our discretion - we will make sure they look good - I promise!!!
By no means is this an exhaustive list - there are almost unlimited pairings available!
Even if you like one of the combinations above but would like to leave one colour out - just let us know.
Honestly - customisation is heaps of fun and we love doing it!!