Who loves and recommends our teething toys? Check out the following glowing recommendations in articles published on Babyology - one of Australian parents most trusted online parenting information websites! See why our teething toys rate with the best!


• See why our Swiss Cross teether is still one of our best sellers:

We designed our Swiss Cross teether in 2015 - specifically to target those back molars, to be easy to handle and provide a modern alternative to traditional teething toys. 


• Our WILD teethers were put forward first as one of the top modern teething toys for baby to cut their first teeth on:

These teethers are soft and flexible and are perfect for helping relieve the pain of sore gums modern colours and textures - including blush granite, antique gold and camo!!


• All the love for our silicone and natural beech hardwood LOVE teething toy:

The pairing of natural beech and silicone in these teething toys gives baby a choice of soft chewy silicone - great for helping relieve the pain of sore gums! - and natural beech hardwood, which is fantastic for helping the teeth break through the gum surface. 


• Teething toys that are as good on the eyes as they are on the mouth:

Our teething toys have been designed to be aestetically pleasing as well as safe and functional! Don't settle for a design or colour that you don't love, when you're going to have your teether around for a number of months - make sure you love it as much as your baby does!


And in CHILD magazine 

• Our Click! Snap! Camera teething toy was one of the perfect matched accessories for the Bugaboo pram outing!